Kevin has a very “can do” approach and with his extensive experience and confidence he can!!

Converting our small loft space into a stylish and usable 3rd bedroom was always going to be a challenge, and most of the companies we approached couldn’t come up with a plan to convert it to what we wanted. Kevin Walker Loft Space, and in particular the owner, Kevin Walker, were more than up to dealing with the design and construction, on time and on budget. He and his team were professional, polite, responsive to dealing with the inevitable problems which occurred during the construction, and importantly, quick to sort out any issues which occurred post-construction. Four years on, my wife and I are more than happy with the outcome of our association with the company.

He was a joy to work with. He was one of three builders who we got to give a quotation, but the only one who didn’t immediately tell us it was impossible to keep a high, vaulted ceiling height, and came back to us with both a price and a schedule of works. He made it very easy for us.

I would like to sing the praises of Kevin Walker. They are loft specialists and I promise they really are special. He gained vital inches of headroom for me, through his knowledge of similar projects in my neighbourhood. Experience really counted here as the technical problems were hefty and needed ingenuity to resolve. If you are lucky enough to secure Kevin for your work, I reckon you are winning already.

I know I am going to enjoy using what they have created and best of all I can look back on the transformation time with fond memories of a very exciting and productive adventure.


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